Smashing the stigma surrounding youth mental ill-health



Civic2Surf is an initiative led by students dedicated to smashing the stigma surrounding mental health. We aspire to strengthen the emphasis of youth perspectives, to allow young people to take charge of their stories.

Civic2surf is a unique event. It sees a group of students from the ANU undertake a 360km relay-style run from Civic in Canberra, to Bondi Beach, Sydney in under 24 hours to raise funds for batyr.

Established in 2011, batyr is an organisation which advocates for open and honest conversations about mental health with young people in order to give a voice to the elephant in the room - mental health. This organisation also focuses on preventative education for youth mental health, by training young people to speak about personal experiences with mental health and start a conversation in their community, whether that be their school, university or corporate area. The programs aim to continue the conversation around mental health and “smash the stigma” by letting young people know it’s “ok to not be ok”.

To help us continue to smash the stigma, get in contact or make a donation.



Tuesday 4:30 pm

Saturday 9:30 am