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A message from Jack Bennetto and Evan England - co-founders of Civic2Surf

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The idea of Civic2Surf first came to be on a journey from Sydney to Canberra.  Evan was pondering the ridiculous distance it was to fly (and the expense!) so having heard Seb Robertson speak about mental health at an event earlier in the year Evan and Jack decided that it was not only a great challenge but a great cause to attempt to run home to Bondi at the end of the year for the newly formed charity Batyr. They gathered three extra suckers in Harry Bennetto, Calder Hamil and Bronti Ness and set about planning and fundraising with a grand total of six weeks to train and prepare for the run, all during exam time. At the end of the run, everyone was battered and bruised but proud having bonded together through the toughest physical challenge they could have imagined.  


Just when they thought it was over Seb put forward a video unbeknown to them asking what was in store for next year…Here the Civic2Surf Relay, an event open to all passionate people was born. After arduous planning, route taking,  sweating on police approval, the event kicked off and was a huge success. The excitement, funds, and attention all helped in building a legacy of breaking the stigma of mental health along the way. The event has never looked back since with some great additions and stories added on over the years.

Past committees

Civic2Surf 2012

Founders: Jack and Harry Bennetto, Calder Hamil, Bronti Ness and Evan England, with the help of ...

Vice Presidents: Aleisha Wells, Katie Noonan 

Secretary: Kirra Stutchbury

Treasurer: James Langlands

Trainers: Harry Cook and Bronti Ness 

Gee-Up Officers: Jacob Levido, Matt Coulton


Civic2Surf 2013

President: Oliver Gilbert

Vice President: Hannah Morrow

Treasurer: Maddy Mitchell

Events: Anna Mohen

Marketing: Justin Larsson

Mental Health Officer: Emma Cook

Gee-Up Officers: Lousia Beale, Harry Bennetto

Trainers: Harry Cook, Millie Bowring Stone


Civic2Surf 2014

President: Charlotte McMichael

Vice President: Toby Forbes, Hannah Morrow

Treasurer: Ashley Sohier

Marketing: Eleni Lasarakis

Events: Harry Cook, Izzy Heath

Sponsorship: Tim Vickers-Willis

Mental Health: Zach Mackey

Trainers: Alex Knights and Alex Orme

Gee-Up officers: Sophie Salmon, Anna Mohen, Kalvin Rajmano


Civic2Surf 2015

President: Zach Mackey

Vice President: Sophie James

Treasurer: Maddison Hunt

Sponsorship Director: Rob Bower

Events: Alex Knights, India Bullock

Mental Health director: Cassie Townson

Marketing Director: Sarah Barrie

Trainer: Sally Fisher, Gabriella Imperial


Civic2Surf 2016

President: Harriet Nixon

Vice President: Kyle Wood

Treasurer: Emma Bettiol

Events: Billie Hook, Grace Dennis

Sponsorship Director: Tyler Grindal

Marketing Director: Pippa Kuhnel

Trainers: Sam Wen Huang, Sim Chawla


Civic2Surf 2017

President: Lily Cassidy

Vice President: Charlie Guerit

Treasurer: Doug Kirwan

Sponsorship Director: James Hayne

Events Directors: Georgie Quinn, Dominica Condon

Marketing Director: Grace Dennis

Trainers: Billie Hook, Claudia Crawley, Sarah Davoren


Civic2Surf 2018

President: Ariella Bucci

Vice President: Claudia Crawley, James Holley

Treasurer: Moeez Khan

Sponsorship: Sarah Davoren

Social Media: Orla Tomlinson

Events: Sarah Crosby, Lilli Balaam, Alex Fowler

Marketing Manager: Jess Woolnough

Trainers: Mel Woodley, Ali McKinnon, Felicity Moran


Civic2Surf 2019

President: Lilli Balaam

Vice President: Jackson Howard

Treasurer: Ben Jefferson

Secretary: Lucy Price

Events: Penny Stock, Tom Campbell, Georgia Brennan

Social Media: Sas Heath

Trainers: Jack McKay, Natasha Warrell

Civic2Surf 2020

President: Belle Davies

Vice President: Jack McKay

Treasurer: Ben Palmer

Secretary: Tom Campbell

Events: Dhiiren Moganaraju, Georgia Collins, Eliza Drysdale

Social Media: Jocelyn Abbott

Trainers: Emma Summerhayes, Ally McBain, Sam Barrett

Honor Roll 

Jack Bennetto, Harry Bennetto, Calder Hamil, Bronti Ness, Evan England, Aleisha Wells, Katie Noonan, Kirra Stuchbury, James Langlands, Harry Cook, Jacob Levido, Matt Coulton, Oliver Gilbert, Hannah Morrow, Maddy Mitchell, Anna Mohen, Justin Larsson, Emma Cook, Lousia Beale, Millie Bowring Stone, Charlotte McMichael, Toby Forbes, Ashley Sohier, Eleni Lasarakis, Izzy Heath, Tim Vickers-Willis, Zach Mackey, Alex Knights, Alex Orme, Sophie Salmson, Kalvin Rajmano, Sophie James, Maddison Hunt, Rob Bower, India Bullock, Cassie Townson, Sarah Barrie, Sally Fisher, Gabriella Imperial, Harriet Nixon, Kyle Wood, Emma Bettiol, Grace Dennis, Tyler Grindal, Pippa Kuhnel, Sam Wen Huan, Sim Chawla, Lily Dalton, Lily Cassidy, Doug Kirwan, James Hayne, Georgie Quinn, Dominica Condon, Sarah Davoren, Ariella Bucci, Jess Woolnough, Mel Woodley,  Ruth Purcell, Bec Matthews, Jordan Hilsberg, Claudia Hodge, Lucy Price, Felicity Moran, Milly McDonald, Ed Koren, Jo Gibney, Paul Fitzgerald, Emily Andrews, Maddie Benson, Alison McKinnon, Angus Sharpe, Rob Bower, Sam Day, Lachlan Arthur, Sam Wen, Cole Pederson, Brandon Smith, Emily l’Ons, Naomi Tully, Lucy Aylward, Alex Longidis, Tess Howard, Alisha Das Gupta, James Holley, Kaiwin Zhou, Rachel Bard, Julia Grimble, Casey Brassel, Sarah Crosby, Lilli Balaam, Ariella Bucci, Jamie Roubin, Kate Dow, Em Shaw, Orla Tomlinson, Lucy Bannon, Siena Hopkinson, Olivia Ireland, Izy McKenzie, Izy Remedios, Tom Foster, Zach Mackey, Suchara Fernando, Hannah Hall, Campbell Edmonds, Jackson Howard, Mani Seeber, Thomas Larkin, Lochie Phillips, Kyle Wood, Angus Anderson, Hugo Chan, Michael Elgie, Lauran Clifton, Lauren Cabnt, Nancy Qu, Hugh Marks, Matt McKeon, Oscar Davis, Vanessa O’Brien, Natasha Warrell, Alex Fowler, Mel Woodley, Em Hood, Ruby King, Caitlin Barrett, Britta Van Tiel, Ruairi Biollo, Alex Tonkin, Campbell Clapp, Dylan McGirr, Charlie Guerit, Billie Hook, Declan Moore, Maddie Kibria, Angus Davidson, Grace Ross-Farrell, Sean Slocombe, Kaiwin Zhou, Moeez Khan, Yoann Colin, Oscar Davis, Tom Campbell, Nila Norbu, Christina Fawns, Jessica Holley, Lexie Long, Ben Jefferson, Ben Durkin, Ben Palmer, Hamish Walker, Ollie Hyde, James Smith, Jonny Lang, Harry Carr, Claudia Kevin, Becca Crisp, Caroline Reilly, Nat Leijer, Gemma Campbell, Lily Morton, Isabella Davies, Jocelyn Abbott, Siena Hopkinson, Aislinn A’Speculo, Emily Tate, Penelope Stock, Fenella Nicol, Olivia Rylah, Rachel Xifaras, Timothy Welsh, Jack McKay, Caitlin Plesek, Saskia Heath, Christian Gronow, Scott Kirwan, Emma Summerhayes, Aiden Hookey, Caitlin McCulloch, Clara Conheady, Dhiiren Moganaraju, Ellie Barr, Ellie Randall, Grace Underhill, Harry Carr, Jess Barallon, Loki Bromilow, Olivia Davies, Amber Schuback, Andrew Lu, Claudia Crawley, Georgia Larsen, Joshua Dundas, Ruben Seaton, Alexandra McBain, Clare Jessup, Darcy Elks, Fenella Nicol, George Shakesheff, Georgia Collins, Helena Brunker Maggie Reynolds, Manuwai Korber, Nikolai Sas, Oliver Humphreys, Sam Barrett, Sas Heath, Taliah King, Eliza Drysdale, Isabelle Dunk, Monique Worsley, Penny Stock

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