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We would like to honor the work of all of the Committee's since Civic2Surf first began in 2011. Their passion, enthusiasm, and work-ethic has enabled Civc2Surf to thrive and continue to encourage positive conversations about all forms of mental health.

Civic2Surf 2011

Founders: Jack and Harry Bennetto, Calder Hamil, Bronti Ness and Evan England

Civic2Surf 2012

Founders: Jack and Harry Bennetto, Calder Hamil, Bronti Ness and Evan England, with the help of ...

Vice Presidents: Aleisha Wells, Katie Noonan 

Secretary: Kirra Stutchbury

Treasurer: James Langlands

Trainers: Harry Cook and Bronti Ness 

Gee-Up Officers: Jacob Levido, Matt Coulton

Civic2Surf 2013

President: Oliver Gilbert

Vice President: Hannah Morrow

Treasurer: Maddy Mitchell

Events: Anna Mohen

Marketing: Justin Larsson

Mental Health Officer: Emma Cook

Gee-Up Officers: Lousia Beale, Harry Bennetto

Trainers: Harry Cook, Millie Bowring Stone

Civic2Surf 2014

President: Charlotte McMichael

Vice President: Toby Forbes, Hannah Morrow

Treasurer: Ashley Sohier

Marketing: Eleni Lasarakis

Events: Harry Cook, Izzy Heath

Sponsorship: Tim Vickers-Willis

Mental Health: Zach Mackey

Trainers: Alex Knights and Alex Orme

Gee-Up officers: Sophie Salmon, Anna Mohen, Kalvin Rajmano

Civic2Surf 2015

President: Zach Mackey

Vice President: Sophie James

Treasurer: Maddison Hunt

Sponsorship Director: Rob Bower

Events: Alex Knights, India Bullock

Mental Health director: Cassie Townson

Marketing Director: Sarah Barrie

Trainer: Sally Fisher, Gabriella Imperial

Civic2Surf 2016

President: Harriet Nixon

Vice President: Kyle Wood

Treasurer: Emma Bettiol

Events: Billie Hook, Grace Dennis

Sponsorship Director: Tyler Grindal

Marketing Director: Pippa Kuhnel

Trainers: Sam Wen Huang, Sim Chawla

Civic2Surf 2017

President: Lily Cassidy

Vice President: Charlie Guerit

Treasurer: Doug Kirwan

Sponsorship Director: James Hayne

Events Directors: Georgie Quinn, Dominica Condon

Marketing Director: Grace Dennis

Trainers: Billie Hook, Claudia Crawley, Sarah Davoren

Civic2Surf 2018

President: Ariella Bucci

Vice President: Claudia Crawley, James Holley

Treasurer: Moeez Khan

Sponsorship: Sarah Davoren

Social Media: Orla Tomlinson

Events: Sarah Crosby, Lilli Balaam, Alex Fowler

Marketing Manager: Jess Woolnough

Trainers: Mel Woodley, Ali McKinnon, Felicity Moran

Civic2Surf 2019

President: Lilli Balaam

Vice President: Jackson Howard

Treasurer: Ben Jefferson

Secretary: Lucy Price

Events: Penny Stock, Tom Campbell, Georgia Brennan

Social Media: Sas Heath

Trainers: Jack McKay, Natasha Warrell

Civic2Surf 2020

President: Belle Davies

Vice President: Jack McKay

Treasurer: Ben Palmer

Secretary: Tom Campbell

Events: Dhiiren Moganaraju, Georgia Collins, Eliza Drysdale

Social Media: Jocelyn Abbott

Trainers: Emma Summerhayes, Ally McBain, Sam Barrett