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Each year, the Civic2Surf, Southern Highlands and ANU communities come together for a memorial lap for Harriet Nixon around Bong Bong racecourse at sunrise on the second day of our run. All are welcome to join us. 

Harriet was the President of Civic2Surf in 2016. She was dedicated to raising awareness of youth mental health issues in connection with batyr. Her commitment to our community is a key reason why Civic2Surf continues to thrive today.

Harriet was a beloved member of the ANU and Southern Highlands communities, and a dear friend to all those who knew her. Her smile was contagious, and the following reflections written by her friends show the depths of her passion, empathy, leadership and kindness


"I remember so well Harriet walking in after the last leg had finished, exhausted, both from organising the whole event but also from running about 20km during the day as well! Harriet, however, ignored the food I'd put aside for the committee and immediately came up to where I was freaking out and asked if there was anything she could do, what did I need, and if I was feeling alright. She and Fiona helped me cut up the food, organise the runners, and ensure everything ran smoothly. I know it was the best Civic2Surf that there has been, and I am certain that was down to our amazing, determined and kind president. This kind of action perfectly encapsulates Harriet. Utterly committed and caring - not just about the event, but also about her friends."

"Over the 9 months of organising Civic2Surf, Harriet carried the committee, motivated us, and never backed down in the face of difficulty. On the weekend of the event, Harriet and I drove the support vehicle to meet each runner at the beginning and end of their leg to offer encouragement. I have genuinely never seen anyone as enthusiastic and excited as Harriet was that weekend! On that first day, we literally hadn't stopped - we'd eaten nothing but lollies all day. When we got to Bong Bong Racecourse, we were both so exhausted. In true Harriet fashion, Harriet walked through the door, last person in, a massive smile on her face, socialising, as bubbly as ever - I remember sitting down, eating my dinner, just thinking to myself, 'How does she do it?'.

Needless to say the weekend was a massive success. She touched and inspired so many people across the course of Civic2Surf."


"After filling in for a sick friend for Civic2Surf, I found myself running in an event in which I knew two people: Rosie and Harriet. Despite this, the weekend was incredible fun, and Harriet made sure to introduce us to everyone. I remember struggling with my 5km leg and arriving at Bong Bong Racecourse exhausted. I asked Harriet how she went and she told me that she had decide to join in on an extra leg because she felt she "still had energy to burn". I will forever be in awe of her endless passion."

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